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Here you have some insights of our exemplars of Kemence.


NEW IDEAS & Projects 

How to make a Lxra / Kemence from Pontus

8 Parts / Videos

April 2020 - Refresh traditional KEMANE with 4 Strings

Januar 2020 - New Lyra Black

December 2019 - Restauration a Trabsom Kemence/Lyra with 2 PicUps !!! 

November 2019 - Restauration a old Lyra 

July 2019 - The Carbon Lyra Bow© with adjustment screw

March 2019 - A litle Tabacobox for a good friend.

Dezember 2018 - New Little Kemence 45 cm Zebrano


Oktober 2018 - New 4 String Kemence


September 2018



July 2018

Another four Instruments:
          Spruce and 





March 2017

So, the project: The Hybrit Kemence


January 2017

So, the project: 4 String Kemence stardet.






December 2016

Modernization 2016th

So, the project: Kemence "LED RED" comes closer.







September 2016

Modernization 2016th
So, how can I connect LED with a Kemence?
The project: Kemence "LED RED" comes closer.


January 2016

Plexiglas in connection with ebony. Fingerboard, pegs and the pin.


December 2014

Implanting in the fingerboard Plexiglas.


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